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Thread veins also referred to as spider veins, are tiny damaged veins or broken capillaries just below the skin surface. Long-term sun exposure, pregnancy, rosacea, alcohol, smoking and standing for long periods of time can all attribute to a broken thread or spider vein. They can appear anywhere on the body but are most common on the face and legs.

The most effective proven treatment for thread veins is Laser Therapy, which breaks down unwanted veins using brief pulses of laser light. The laser targets only the unwanted veins, leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. A visible reduction in unwanted veins by as much as 75 per cent can be seen from one to three treatments and the results are permanent.

Before and After Images

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After  image

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Thread Vein Treatment FAQs

  • How Many Treatments Would I Need?

    Some veins will be removed immediately but results depend upon the condition of the veins and may require multiple sessions. It’s worth noting that new veins may appear at some point in the future. If this is the case further treatment may be required.

  • Are There Any Side Effects?

    You may experience some bruising or swelling after treatment, but this should subside within 72 hours.

  • What Can I Expect In Treatment?

    As with most Laser therapies there may be some slight discomfort during the treatment. The spot-size of the beam is small and direct meaning it can target specific areas of concern quickly. The sensation can vary for client but most people describe it as a very quick pinprick.

  • How Does It Work?

    The procedure uses an Nd:YAG Laser system that focuses a beam of laser light energy toward the vein. When the laser passes through the skin it heats the vein, coagulates the blood inside the vessel and causes it to collapse. The body’s natural waste process then carries away all the broken down blood vessels. Advancements in Laser technologies allow delivery of a precise dosage of energy to each blood vessel without injuring to the skin.

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    I had a few broken veins either side of my nose. The treatment was so quick and I felt it was great value for money. 


    Thread Vein Treatment Prices

    TreatmentSingle TreatmentCourse of 3Course of 6Course of 8
    Treatment from£75