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Cupping is an Alternative Medicine and therapeutic practice used in traditional Chinese medicine where glass cups which are applied to the skin surface precisely positioned along the meridians of the body. This positioning of the cups will create suction and it is believed to evoke and stimulate the energy flow through and around the body.

Cupping is used to stimulate healing by bringing blood to a specific region of that body part.

Cupping assists the body’s tissue to create a new flow of blood which helps create anti-inflammatory chemicals within the body and is ideally suited to muscle, tissue related problems.

Cupping is ideal for the following:

  • Increasing circulation
  • Increasing oxygenation
  • Improving tissue delivery
  • Replacing old and stagnant blood
  • Creation of new blood vessels
  • Stretch fascia and connective tissue
  • VIDEOCupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy FAQs

  • How Does It Work?

    As we grow older our body reduces in activity such as with the loss of muscle and reduction in blood flow. We also become tighter, stiffer and our skin becomes looser and wrinkles start to appear. By placing the cups over specific body areas we can reduce the effects that accompany ageing. Precisely where the cup is placed is where blood is pulled into that region and the tissues under the skin are saturated with a fresh flow of blood while the suction or the vacuum also removes stagnant blood out of that area. Once the new blood is forced into the tissues, the body starts to create brand-new blood vessels called neovascularisation or new blood vessel formation thus producing a new feed of nutrients and oxygen to the body’s tissue.

  • What Can I Expect In Treatment?

    We go through your full medical history form and discuss your concerns to choose the correct area to treat. Once all discussed and approved, we will lubricate the area with an aromatherapy oil of your choice from our set. The practitioner will then begin to place the cups on the chosen area, which may feel some slight pinching on the area and then subsides once the cup is removed. The practitioner will leave the cups on the area for 15 minutes before removal. After removal, they will give you slight massage and then go through your aftercare.

  • Are There Any Side Effects?

    Bruising and redness is a completely normal side effect after cupping, this is a positive and encouraging sign as this shows the treatment is working and drawing out stagnant blood from the area and helping spread fresh oxygenated blood around the area - These bruises can last up to two weeks. The area also usually feels quite warm after the treatment which subsides in a few hours.

  • How Many Treatments Would I Need?

    This all depends on the individual and their needs, but you should see/feel an improvement after one session.

  • What Results Can I Expect?

    You should expect the benefits on the area to loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, detoxify and ease pain. Cupping is one of the best deep-tissue therapies available. It is thought to affect tissues up to four inches deep from the external skin

    Cupping Therapy treatments are available at

    | The Mailbox, Birmingham |

    Cupping Therapy Prices

    TreatmentSingle TreatmentCourse of 3Course of 6Course of 8
    25 minutes£55