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Unattractive skin lesions can often appear, despite the fact that the body does have a natural mechanism to safeguard the health of the skin. Removing skin lesions for both cosmetic reasons and medical necessity is an ever-increasing need.

CryoPen™ is a state of the art treatment that uses extreme cold, or cryotherapy, to painlessly and safely destroy unwanted, benign and superficial lesions on the surface of the skin, such as warts, skin tags, verrucae, milia, cherry angiomas, scars, and resistant hyperpigmentation.

Cryotherapy is the recognised procedure to destroy abnormal or diseased tissue. With CryoPen, accuracy to the millimetre is achieved by simply pointing the micro-fine jet of cryogen onto the lesion.

Cryopen™ treatment can be used to treat:

  • Skin tags
  • Age/liver spots
  • Milia
  • Cherry angioma
  • Viral verrucae (warts)
  • Solar lentigo (sun spots)
  • Other pigmentation
  • Plantar Warts
  • Condyloma (genital or anal warts)
  • Popular nevi (moles, birthmarks etc)
  • Contagiosum (water warts)
  • Hyperplasia 

Cryotherapy FAQs

  • What Results Can I Expect To See?

    As the wound heals, the skin lesion will diminish or disappear.  A follow up appointment will be made and further treatment applied if necessary. 

  • How Many Treatments Would I Need?

    Most of the time a single treatment is all that is required to get results. Occasionally a follow up appointment may be required.

  • Are There Any Side Effects?

    Immediately after treatment the area may sting for up to an hour. There will often be redness and the area may be slightly swollen and even blister. A scab can also form but must not be picked.

    Cryotherapy is a low-risk procedure however following treatment, there may be some pigment change seen at the treated area. The area may become lighter (hypopigmentation) or darker (hyperpigmentation) than the surrounding skin.  Often pigment changes will improve over a number of months although they can sometimes persist indefinitely. The risk of pigment change is higher with darker skin types

    Although the CryoPen™ is very accurate, as the freezing effect spreads out, there may be some minor damage and inflammation to surrounding skin to ensure that the whole lesion is successfully treated, this is temporary.

  • What Can I Expect In Treatment?

    The head of the device is held over the treatment area and the penetration of the cold is approximately 1mm per 5 seconds of treatment, so a 2mm sized lesion would take 10 seconds of nitrous oxide gas to treat.

    During treatment, you may see a frost on top of the lesion and this normally goes away within a few seconds. 

    After treatment, it is advisable to leave the area uncovered as this speeds up the healing process. However you can keep a simple dressing or plaster on the area if there is a chance that the area may get rubbed or aggravated in any way.

  • How Does It Work?

    CryoPen™ uses a technology referred to as cryotherapy – ‘cryo’ meaning ‘icy cold’. This involves the use of a high-pressure jet of nitrous oxide, which is directed at the specific lesion being treated, to within millimetre accuracy.

    The jet of cold and the temperature drop has the effect of crystallising the fluid contents of the targeted cells, turning them into ice shards, resulting in the destruction of skin lesions as the membrane surrounding the treated cells is ruptured and destroyed. This means it treats any abnormal tissue without interfering with or damaging normal tissue in a matter of seconds.

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